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Lauren & Greg’s wedding was one we’ll never forget.  Visually it was stunning and the weather was perfect, but there was more to the day than just that.  The ceremony took place at “Granny’s” a beautiful home on Bainbridge Island that felt like it was a thousand years old.  It was filled with treasures from generation upon generation and I could have spent the entire day listening to the stories about each one.  Granny, the house, the memories that had been created there, that bond and focus on family is what made this wedding special.  As someone who values family above all else, I was so impressed with Lauren & Greg’s ability to create such a gorgeous and grand affair, while still remaining sentimental and focused on what really matters.  There was surprise after surprise…a getaway boat from Granny’s home to Kiana Lodge, next Conan O’Brien delighted guests as he introduced the couple into the reception, and finally a full fireworks show.  It was amazing and we were truly honored to capture such  a magnificent day.  storyboard-1storyboard-2storyboard-56storyboard-6storyboard-58storyboard-57storyboard-60storyboard-22storyboard-26storyboard-24storyboard-7storyboard-10storyboard-15storyboard-21storyboard-8storyboard-11storyboard-28storyboard-19storyboard-25storyboard-66storyboard-12storyboard-13storyboard-14storyboard-16storyboard-18storyboard-20storyboard-17storyboard-70storyboard-23storyboard-65storyboard-29storyboard-31storyboard-30storyboard-33storyboard-32storyboard-47storyboard-41storyboard-55storyboard-38storyboard-46storyboard-43storyboard-39storyboard-37storyboard-40storyboard-36storyboard-42storyboard-44storyboard-45storyboard-49storyboard-68storyboard-34storyboard-63storyboard-62storyboard-48storyboard-50storyboard-51storyboard-52storyboard-53storyboard-69Wedding Design & Coordination: New Creations

Florist: Melanie Benson Floral

DJ: Bamboo Beats

Venue: Kiana Lodge

  • melanie benson - that was such fun!!! Thank you so much for all the great photos.

  • Monica Arce - Wow!!! Amazing! I love the foliage growing on the side of the house. And I had to do a triple take when I saw the picture of Conan O’Brien. How awesome! What a perfect wedding :)

  • Leslie - Absolutely fabulous! You always produce such wonderful work for people to remember their special day!

Meet our good friends Sarah & Jeff. Over the last few years Sarah has become one of my favorite people in the world.  She graduated from the Art Institute with us and shoots with us quite a bit.  Simply put, she’s awesome.  I’ve been excited about her wedding all year and there was no better way to end 2013.  She  married an equally amazing man and I couldn’t be happier for her and Jeff.  We lucked out for a cold November day and didn’t get a drop of rain while at Discovery Park shooting their portraits.  From there we headed to Our Lady of Fatima and ended at the Palace Ballroom in Belltown.  My gorgeous friend was stunning from head to toe…seriously I am in love with her hair and cannot get over that dress, even after photographing it all day!  Sarah is one quirky, lovable, and sweet girl and I am so honored we could capture this special day for her.  I know Jeff will forever cherish her and we wish them all the best as they begin their life together.  storyboard-2storyboard-1storyboard-6storyboard-3storyboard-5storyboard-4storyboard-7storyboard-10storyboard-8storyboard-11storyboard-15storyboard-14storyboard-19storyboard-comp-1storyboard-20storyboard-21storyboard-22storyboard-25storyboard-23storyboard-37storyboard-24storyboard-27storyboard-38storyboard-16storyboard-39storyboard-31storyboard-29storyboard-41storyboard-42storyboard-40storyboard-9storyboard-33storyboard-13storyboard-26storyboard-35storyboard-34storyboard-32

  • Judy Orr - I so wish we could have attended your wedding. It looks so beautiful. I love your shoes. Congratulations, Sarah. I hope you are eternally happy.

    Judy Orr

  • Monica Arce - Another gorgeous wedding! Her makeup looks amazing & I love the layout you did with the bridesmaids & groomsmen.

We had the great pleasure of shooting for The Dress Theory in Seattle a few months ago.  This charming shop carries exquisite and exclusive gowns for the bohemian, unique, and fashion forward bride.  Several of our brides have found their perfect dress there, so it was an honor that Camille thought of us for this shoot.  If you happen to be looking for the perfect dress, be sure to make an appointment…you simply can’t go wrong with designers like these.  In addition to carrying dresses that are unique, I can honestly say the care they approach their clients with is absolutely amazing.  I have heard only the best from our brides about their experiences and am so happy to have The Dress Theory in Seattle!

The dresses shown are carried exclusively in Seattle at The Dress Theory and  are designed by Sarah Seven, Claire Pettibone, and Winifred Bean.


A huge thank you to Skye, Abbey, and Ashley for modeling and the talented Meghan for doing hair & makeup!  Shot at our Seattle studio and the Rainier Chapter House.


  • Tonhya Kae - These are so gorgeous!! You guys are so good at stuff like this :) love it.

  • Monica - Gorgeous, beautiful dresses!!!

  • Pamela marquis - Absolutely stunning. That first dress is spectacular!