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I am so happy with how Abbey & Bobby’s engagement session turned out.  They wanted to shoot someplace with a city feel and we chose South Lake Union.  It was the perfect spot for these two.  Abbey is obviously stunning and I cannot get over how fabulous she looks in her red dress.  We’re so excited to be capturing this sweet couple’s wedding next year!


  • Monica - That dress!! The architecture! Love :)

Nikki & Gareth’s wedding was such a pleasure to capture.  They are an extremely fun couple who knew how to enjoy every moment on their special day.  Their friends and family were also a blast to photograph and I don’t think a more beautiful day could exist.  Overall, everything was perfect and we are so happy for this amazing couple!storyboard-1 copystoryboard-2storyboard-32storyboard-3storyboard-4storyboard-5storyboard-6storyboard-7storyboard-34storyboard-9storyboard-10storyboard-8storyboard-13storyboard-12storyboard-14storyboard-15storyboard-16storyboard-17storyboard-18storyboard-19storyboard-20storyboard-21storyboard-22storyboard-11storyboard-23storyboard-24storyboard-25storyboard-26storyboard-27storyboard-29storyboard-30storyboard-28storyboard-31

Kenneth & Regina’s tea ceremony was such a fun experience for Evan and I.  Not only was it amazing seeing Regina in her gorgeous traditional gown, it was interesting to see how they honored their families on such an important day.  The day started with Regina being dressed by her sister and mother in this beautifully embellished red gown.  From there, the bride ate a meal prepared by the family and was then whisked away to wait for her groom’s arrival.  Kenneth and his groomsmen then played a few games prepared by the bridesmaids…all while Regina listened in hiding.  It’s a fun tradition that once the groom has proven his love for the bride through these silly games that he “wins” her affection and they can see each other for the first time that day.  Kenneth sang his heart out and won Regina’s affection!  The couple then ate a meal together along with their family & wedding party. Tea was then served to their families and gifts were presented.  It was truly emotional watching Regina and Kenneth open their gifts and I have to admit I fought back a few tears.  Tender moments of true gratitude are normally rare to witness, but there were quite a few throughout the morning.  I am so happy this couple invited us to share in their ceremony and feel honored we were able to capture this along with their wedding that afternoon.  storyboard-39  storyboard-40 storyboard-41 storyboard-42 storyboard-43 storyboard-44 storyboard-45 storyboard-46 storyboard-47 storyboard-48 storyboard-49 storyboard-50 storyboard-51 storyboard-52 storyboard-53 storyboard-54

Regina & Kenneth are an absolutely amazing couple.  We’ve loved getting to know them for the past year and am so excited to share part of their special day with you.  We’ll be posting their morning tea ceremony in a different post, but for now, we hope you enjoy their wedding images.  It was a gorgeous day at DeLille Cellars and Regina looked beyond perfect in her Sarah Seven dress from the Dress Theory.  It was a day filled beginning to end with love and laughter.  One thing in particular I loved about their day was how often they took the opportunity to honor their parents and grandparents.  It was a wedding we’ll never forget.